Day-Mont is a Trauma Informed agency. Staff is trained on the effects of trauma on individuals. Staff are also trained on how to provide responses when interacting with individuals to minimize the chance of re-traumatizing someone.
  • Access

    The Access II Mental Health Court Program is designed to meet the needs of individuals with mental illness/co-occurring substance use problems charged with misdemeanors in the city of Dayton. The Mental Health Court special docket allows a judge to intervene on an ongoing basis with defendants who have unique issues or problems that may not be solved by traditional judicial sanctions or programs.

  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

    Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), is a an intensive team-based, person centered recovery approach to delivering treatment and supportive services. Assertive Community Treatment is for individuals who have the most serious symptoms of severe mental illness/ substance abuse and who, consequently have the greatest difficulty with basic daily activities. ACT services are available during normal business hours and access to ACT staff/services are also available 24/7 as needed.

  • Outpatient Counseling Services

    Diagnostic assessment, individual, group, family and marital counseling are available as needed. Services are designed to be brief and solution-focused in nature. Our goal is to assist our clients in identifying and mobilizing their own coping skills and natural supports as well as learning new skills and ways of dealing with their environment. The goal of treatment is not the solution of problems per se, but rather the enhancement and development of skills to enable the client to engage in effective problem solving once out of the office. The projected length of treatment for most individuals is 3 to 6 months. We recognize, however, that not all situations lend themselves to brief treatment, and we attempt to provide appropriate and effective, services to all individuals. Groups are also available to help clients develop skills in areas such as anger management, wellness, relationships and coping skills. Clients who are receiving CPST services may also be referred for counseling at the point that they are motivated and ready to utilize such services.
  • Community Link

    Having to live with serious mental disorders can be frightening and disabling. Through a number of Community support services, including case management and housing support, professional and caring staff at Day—Mont can help individuals and families recognize their strengths, overcome barriers, and improve their quality of life.

  • Med Care

    Medical services consist of psychiatric evaluations, medication management and medical education. Services are provided to adults and youth. Appropriate clients based on health care coverage will receive assistance with medication for mental health conditions.

  • Social Club

    The Social Club is designed to enhance and support self-sufficiency through skill building activities. Social Club activities include recovery education, arts and crafts, board games, bowling, dining at local restaurants, shopping trips and videos.

  • Sojourner

    This is a unique program especially for women. Qualified clinicians provide a variety of services to assist women with developing a life free from substance abuse, and regain custody of their children. The average length of stay in the program is 14-23 months. A minimum of 450 hours of structured treatment services and programs are provided 5 days per week.

  • CAMI

    Chemically Addicted Mental Illness services (CAMI) care is 16 to 18 weeks with weekly follow up sessions designed to provide long term recovery support. The goal of the CAMI program is to help adult individuals deal more effectively with their substance abuse and mental illness. Dual diagnosed individuals require unique treatment protocols. Therefore, the interventions outlined in the treatment plan are oriented towards recover, abstinence, maintenance and stabilization of the very special population’s drug and mental health. The CAMI program is unique in that clients receive individual and group counseling from counselors who are qualified to address issues related to substance abuse and mental illness, in addition to receiving Med somatic (psychiatric medication) services from a physician if needed.

  • Supported Employment

    Supported Employment (SE) is a service that helps consumers find and maintain meaningful jobs in the community. The jobs are competitive (paying at least minimum wage and are based on a person’s preferences and abilities).
    Job search starts soon after a consumer expresses Interest in working. There are no requirements for completing expensive pre-employment assessment and training. The SE staff spends the majority of time in the community assisting the job seeker with locating employment.

  • SAMI

    The Substance Abuse and Mental Illness(SAMI) program is designed for SMD/non-SMD individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. The program can benefit individuals who occasionally abuse substance, or those who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol for many years. The SAMI Program is voluntary, short-term program for persons 18 and older, which assists people to develop or maintain their recovery and to promote mental health. The SAMI Program often works cooperatively with the counseling department, the community support program and psychiatric services. The goal of the SAMI Program is to develop sobriety and mental stability. The counseling offered addresses the unique way that substance abuse and mental illnesses affect one another. The program offers both group and individual counseling, community support and psychiatric services. Although abstinence is the goal for the program, some clients may require assistance with harm reduction and other motivational techniques to reduce use.

  • ANEW

    ANEW Outpatient Alcohol and other Drug Program

    Our team of experienced Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors meets the individual where they are in their stage of recovery, to develop a personalized plan for recovery from addiction to substances. The program (based on the matrix model) is 16-weeks followed by extended weekly follow-up services while transitioning from active treatment to community support. Services are provided primarily in a group format; however, individuals may also receive individual/family counseling, case management, drug screenings and pharmacotherapy to address symptoms of co-occurring mental illness. Core program services are delivered in a structured curriculum format based on research/evidence based treatment modules/practices. Successful completion of the Day-Mont Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Program can result in the completion of one’s mandatory court ordered probation/parole requirements. Your primary counselor will collaborate with criminal justice representatives to coordinate your plan of care
  • Mandated Anger Management

    • 16 week anger management curriculum based group sessions
    • “True Thought” criminal thinking sessions
    • Individual counseling as clinically indicated
    • Psychiatric Evaluation if clinically indicated
    • Required completion of all sessions
    • Verification of attendance / participation all sessions
    • All services provided by Licensed Professionals


E - Ethics
  • Staff will adhere to the code of ethics for their respective licensure and profession

  • Staff will maintain complete confidentiality of all case records and information except where legal exceptions could preempt this requirement

T - Treatment
  • Staff will respect persons who seek our services by insuring their input into the treatment planning process

H - Helpfulness
  • Staff are to provide the highest quality of care and treatment to persons with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues so that they have the best opportunity to improve and recover

I - Integrity
  • Staff will maintain the integrity of each client they serve, as well as that of other service providers and the community

  • Staff will maintain the highest standards of professional behavior and accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions

C - Commitment
  • Equally essential is the commitment to respect the dignity and self-worth of all persons

S - Service
  • Staff are to provide the highest quality of services that enable persons to receive information in the areas of mental illness and substance abuse


  • Caring for the Whole You

    You are more than your mental illness. You have a body, soul and mind capable of having meaningful relationships and living a long and productive life. At Day-Mont you can receive care from a team of professionals working together to provide you with mental health and primary care at one location.

    You will have access to:

    • Medical appointments for primary physical health needs (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, other chronic illnesses).
    • On-site Pharmacy
    • Coordinated referrals to medical specialists
    • Lab work

  • Why Integrated Care at Day-Mont?

    You are more than your mental illness. You have a body, soul and mind capable of having meaningful relationships and living a long and productive life. At Day-Mont you can receive care from a team of professionals working together to provide you with mental health and primary care at one location.

    There are many reasons to partner with Day-Mont to maintain health and wellness::

    • Your health is important to us, and it should be important to you.
    • It’s easy to get an appointment. We can coordinate your medical and mental health care appointments.
    • You don’t want to become a statistic. Studies show that individuals with serious mental illness are more likely to get major illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and lung disease. In fact, when untreated, these diseases are shown to shorten life by 25 years.


  • Day-Mont staff strive to create a service environment that promotes optimum health, wellness, and recovery from mental illness through our commitment to the following guiding principles of recovery:

    • Individuals determine their own path to recovery.
    • Individuals are responsible for their own self-care and journey of recovery towards independence.
    • There are multiple pathways to recovery based on individuals’ unique strengths, needs, preferences.
    • Individuals can choose among treatment options and participate in all decisions that affect them.
    • Recovery focuses on individuals’ entire lives, including mind, body, spirit and community.
    • Recovery isn’t a set step-by-step process but one based on continual growth, occasional setbacks and learning from experience.
    • Recovery’s central, motivating message is a better future — that people can and do overcome obstacles.

How do I make an intake appointment?

Your first-time intake can be arranged directly by calling (937) 716-1707.

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SAMHSA - Family Guide to Systems of Care for Children With Mental Health Needs (English)
SAMHSA - Family Guide to Systems of Care for Children With Mental Health Needs (Spanish)

SAMHSA - Guía para la familia a los sistemas de cuidado de niños con necesidades de salud mental (Español)

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